TRDL - was formed by Architect Tom Russell in  2010 as  a design services company in the UK.  Tom Russell is a UK Chartered Architect with a depth and breadth of experience in design over 40 years both in the UK and internationally and the company has completed a mix of hotel, hospitality, educational, residential and sports projects since its formation. In many cases projects are design only, with some progressing to detailed design and supervision, depending upon size and location. 

TRDL has partnered with various other consultant companies to complete larger projects, at times as lead consultant and other times as sub-consultant.  His company has remained compact and flexible to deal with individual clients needs at early stages in the projects, when feasibility has not yet been fully determined, and using the benefit of experience in construction to apply reality to project feasibility.  

Tom Russell Design Ltd - UK Company ref.  7006151

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